Sunday, September 2, 2012

Birthdays and the Like

Here is a listing of this week's birthdays and anniversaries

Sunday, September 2, 2012         Jimmy BlackApril May Creighton

Larry Wachdorf (85 years old)

Monday, September 3, 2012        James Anthony Salvador Black

Tuesday, September 4, 2012            nada (No one)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012        Ditto

Thursday, September 6               Steve Creighton III

Friday, September 7                   Katherine Elizabeth WachdorfMarybeth Wachdorf

Saturday, September 8                Katherine Elizabeth Wachdorf

                (Dan and Haley (Rice) Wachdorf's daughter, and the fourth

                 Katherine Elizabeth in the family


Lynne Bradshaw's Birthday Party

Jack Bradshaw, Dottie's brother-in-law, invited us to celebrate Lynne's birthday yesterday evening at Shaw's Crab House, which is in the Woodfield Mall inThe Bradshaws Schaumburg. Lynne's birthday was yesterday, and I am not supposed to say how old she was. However it was one of those 25-year milestones that we all have every 25 years, and I would be happy to be that young again.

Also at the party were the three Bradshaw sons, Robert, John and Brian, and Robert's wife, Julia and John's wife, Andrea. Nine of us in all.

Shaw's Crab House is the Bradshaw's favorite restaurant in the Chicago area, it it was easy to see why. Dottie and I have eaten dinner there a few times previously, and the food was always good, but last nightLyn after golfing at Medinah was something very special. They were serving their regular "seafood" buffet. I put seafood in quotes because they included, in addition to five kinds of crab, several varieties of oysters, lobster tails, etc., there was prime rib, chicken, and other non-seafood items.

We ate in a private dining room on the upstairs level where the buffet was being held. The Bradshaws are always fun to be with, and it was a very pleasant party.

Robert and Julia invited us all to stop at their house in Inverness on the way home, but Dottie and I were pretty well partied out. However, he also invited us to come to his house this afternoon for ribs, which he does on the grill to perfection. This was too good an offer to pass up.

Mike and Lisa's dog died

Lisa wrote what would have been a tear-stained letter if it had come by mail instead of E-mail.

Max and NikoI couldn’t bring myself to putting it in print until now…. my sweet 14 ˝ year old poodle Niko died on 8/22 just before midnight.  Both Niko and Max had trouble hearing and seeing due to age, but otherwise they both seemed healthy.

Niko close upApparently, Niko's problem started with a slight cough ten days earlier, and progressed to heart failure. She took him in to see the vet, and was given some encouragement that the medication given him would do him some good, but said his heart murmur was worse than it had been, and that perhaps the pills would help. Instead he got worse, and he died a few hours after she left him with the vet.

Condolences on your loss, Lisa and Mike.

Pat Note on Josh and the Weather

Pat Jackson wrote an E-mail yesterday in response to my asking for Katie's and Josh's mailing addresses. It said, in part:

...Josh will NOT be in this weekend. He is being inducted to Beta Beta Beta, a fraternity he selected because of its integrity and general concern for responsibility of its membership.

 We have tornado warnings tonight, with downed power lines which have blocked off highway traffic. The sirens went off about 3:00 this afternoon, while it was pouring. We expect the rain to continue until Sunday, and the tornado warning is in place until about midnight.

 Wait a minute! They might have just changed that. It's hard to keep up with the weather these days. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

More Jackson News:

Pat Wrote again:

Tom is close to leaving for his annual trek off to the wilderness. The couples were over yesterday (Chris and Britt, Katie and Duffy) and Josh was at school getting inducted into Beta Beta Beta. Chris brought over his new CD, and we were supposed to go hear him perform at Cicero's, but at the last minute they cancelled his portion of the show. They have banned rap music and heavy metal from their performing venue. They seem to have mentioned this to the booking agent, but not to Chris, and the booking agent decided to ignore the change and book Chris anyway. It was a disappointment.


Britt wrote the JDRF fundraiser letter this year, which I have posted on my facebook page and may attempt to send to you somehow. Chris drew the design for the tee shirts, and I like this one best so far. I'm going to try to get them printed up while Tom is gone, since Chris doesn't work at the graphic arts place anymore.


Chris is still training for his job, but seems pleased about where he is training and what he's doing. We'll see if this holds into actually doing the job.


George's House Sold


Postcard from RealtorThe kids raised on Apple Tree Lane might remember the house down Countryside Lane, immediately behind our house, as Bowen's. However, we think of it as George's. George is the cat who lives with us (his choice, not ours), and has ever since the lady who occupied Bowen's house after he moved out was taken to a nursing home. We think George was left behind. He picked our house as second best when the heat in his barn was shut off and the food supply stopped.


George is not a bad cat, but he is a cat, and catsGeorge like to be in charge, rather than being subservient to people, like dogs are. George has been trying, with some success, to train Dottie and me to do things his way for the past couple of years.


Well, we got a postcard from a local real estate agent saying that the house on Countryside lane was sold, and there will be new owners moving in. George is now quite secure in going out of the house, and we are hoping he will find the new neighbors acceptable, and go back to living there.


Jimmy's 10th birthday party


Today, or rather this evening at 11:32 PM, Jimmy Black will be 10 years old. Susan and Dan were planning to take him and Janet and Dottie and me out to lunch at a Japanese restaurant to celebrate his birthday, because Jimmy is very big on everything Japanese these days. Jimmy's micro block setBut Janet is not big on restaurants, and it wouldn't be a birthday party for Jimmy if Janet wasn't there, so Susan decided to pinch hit for the Japanese chef, and prepare a Japanese luncheon for us. She did a good job, and we had a very enjoyable party.


Jim got a number of presents with a Japanese flavor to them, including one set of micro Lego like blocks with pieces so tiny that a senior citizen can hardly see them, let alone assemble them into a Susan's Japanese feastJapanese temple replica with 2,600 pieces. This is a job intended for much older Japanese children, but Jimmy was 10 percent of the way done before the party was over. From us he got more mundane things like a remote controlled helicopter which looks like an eagle in flight, and a remote controlled race car. These both seemed to please him, and it was interesting to watch the race car battle Susan's computer controlled floor cleaning robot for dominance of the floor space.


Jimmy trying to blow out candlesSusan made miso soup, sushi of several varieties, and beef satay, etc. and did a petty credible job as a Japanese chef. Of course, she did not do the interesting things with knives and spatulas the hibachi chefs do, but that wouldn't work without the big grill in the middle of the table. Susan and Dan were planning to take Jimmy out to a hibachi restaurant this evening to complete the day, but they were all too tired and too full after the big lunch , so that will have to wait for another day.



We had a very enjoyable dinner, and Jimmy seemed to be enjoying his 10th birthday, although Susan pointed out that he would not really be 10 until 11:30 or so this evening.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jackson's Annual JDRF Fund Raising Walk coming up

Pat wrote to ask if I had gotten Brittany Jackson's JDRF letter about the upcoming Walk to Raise Money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and I hadn't. This was because of a not very uncommon glitch in the Windows Explorer program on my desktop computer, which I will talk more about later.

Anyway, very much after the fact, I was able to get her letter off of the JDRF website. This year's Logo

Welcome to the Jackson Family Walk Team Page!


We are walking in search for a cure to Type 1 Diabetes. Most of you are aware but T1D is a lifelong, incurable, invasive disease. It works its way into every nook and cranny of the person's life it touches. There are constant finger pricks, shots and adjustments to be made. Even when one keeps a close eye on their blood glucose readings and their insulin, there is no guarantee that things will run smoothly.


As of right now there is no cure. We are always looking to the horizon in hopes to catch a glimpse of the sun rising; for the day when no child cries because they don?t want another shot or because they feel low/high.


JDRF is a wonderful charity that has dedicated its efforts to bettering the lives of those who have T1D. I encourage you to join our team and help us raise money and awareness for this cause!


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at!


Thank you,


Brittany Jackson

Pat also has a page on the JDRF website, at Pat Jackson.

For more information about the Walk, and to make a contribution, Please visit JDRF Greater Missouri and Southern Illinois Chapter today!

Susan's family visit Florida for Christmas this year

Dottie and I are planning to stay in Florida during the upcoming Christmas Holiday season this year, and would enjoy seeing as many family members down there as can make the trip. Christmas for us may, as usual, occur on December 25 plus or minus a couple of days, to accommodate travel schedules. We are flexible.

Susan is good at planning ahead, and writes:

We booked a room at the Holiday Inn Express in walking distance to Dad's for December 25 through Jan 2nd.    

We look forward to seeing you and your family in Florida, Susan.   

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Country Squire out of Business Temporarily

Dottie and I played golf with the UOP group today, as per usual. This time it was at Bonnie Dundee, in East Dundee. This is a nice, easy course (although you wouldn't know it from our scores), and we usually go to dinner afterward at the Village Squire Restaurant in West Dundee, just across the Fox River from East Dundee. The Village Squire is a very nice combination bar and restaurant, with good food, good service and free popcorn. We look forward to going there with the group.

The Village SquireThis evening, after finishing the golf game, Dottie and I were the first to arrive at the restaurant, and were surprised to see the front door open and loud noises and a plume of dust issuing from it. It seemed like there had just been an explosion inside.

This was not the case. Several workmen came out, and one of them told us, before we were out of our car, that the Village Squire was closed for a major remodeling program. They were sand blasting the floors or something similar, and the place would be closed for three weeks. I would have immediately called Bob Lengemann, the chief arranger for such things, to ask if he knew about this, and had made arrangements to go somewhere else, but I had left my cell phone at home, and Dottie didn't have his number on hers.

I had not received (or received and inadvertently discarded without reading it) the E-mail Bob sends out every week saying where we will play golf and have dinner afterward. So, this morning I had called before leaving, and talked to Maryjane, who confirmed that it was Bonnie Dundee, and the tee off time was 12:30 or so. She didn't mention an alternative eating place.

So, we waited, and waited. We were about to give up and go on to the Olive Garden in West Dundee, which is the closest other restaurant frequently used by the group, when the Borsts came by, and with the Lengemans and the Lawrences close behind.

All were equally surprised by the old standby restaurant not being open for business, but all worked out well, and we had a pleasant dinner together at the Olive Garden .

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Claude Hardison on Jasper's home place

Claude Hardison wrote an  E-mail with some information in it that will be useful during our upcoming trip (September 22-29) to Martin County, NC. where I hope to find some information on my GGGGGGreat Grandfather, Jasper Hardison. Hardison's Carolina BBQ

Sometime after he bought a few hundred acres in what is now the eastern edge of Martin county, along the river that forms the boundary line of the county, he bought another, much larger piece of land --- about 1000 acres --- called Rose's Plantation. I hadn't been able to locate that property on any current maps.

Claude had been there and done that. He said the Rose Plantation is in Washington County, near Plymouth, and he thinks there are some of Jasper I's descendants still living in the area.  It turns out that it seems to be the land just across the river from the original purchase. This is about 20 miles outside Williamston, where we will be staying, but close enough that it will not be an inconvenience. The property was, at some time in the past, sold to the Wyerhauser company, who wanted it for the timber. I should be able to locate it without much trouble.

Not only did I locate the general area of Plymouth, but it is very close to Jamesville, where Hardison's Carolina BBQ Restaurant is located. This is, apparently, a long established and well known place to get the world's best BBQ. If we don't accomplish anything else during the trip, we will surely check this out.

Friday, September 7, 2012

New IPad vs Old Web Site

I spent a lot of time this afternoon (after being rained out of golf in the morning) playing with my new iPad. It is pretty slick, what with the iCloud backup and all. And, it does a very good, and quick job of bringing up Facebook pages, which I subscribe to, but seldom look at.

My main conclusion, after messing with it for some time, is that this is a good, modern way to communicate news, that has a couple of advantages over my old fashioned newsletter. The main one is that people post news about themselvesiPad which they want to share, which means I don't have to try to decide which of the news is for general public display, or intended only for a few close friends or maybe only for relatives. This has always been bothersome for me, as I have a very poor perception of where people's desire for privacy and their wish to keep people informed about the interesting things that happen to them balance out.

Another one is that it is a little harder to type stuff in on a little bitty key board, so most of the items posted are relatively brief. This is good.

Finally, if everybody reads something on Facebook, there is no need for me to repeat it in the newsletter.

So, my conclusion is that I should see what would happen if I tried to make sure that all of the people who are interested in newsletter items are also "Facebook friends", and then just post items of interest that Dottie and I want to share with others.

If anyone has a problem with this, let me know, as I am looking in the direction of substituting paying attention to Facebook, and discontinuing the not so newsworthy newsletter.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Trouble with dottie's iPad

I am very pleased with my new iPad, but I pity Dottie, who inherited the old one (I offered to get her a matcher for mine, but she is too frugal to trade in a "perfectly good one" unnecessarily).

We tried to get hers set up to work like my new one. It is resisting us at every step of the way. However, we have gotten it to

Birthdays and such next week

September 11            Bill Van Beek Birthday

                                 Cheryl Creighton Birthday

September 14            Lisa (Wachdorf) and Jamie Mick Anniversary