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Sunday, September 5, 2015

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Here is a listing of this week's birthdays and anniversaries

Wednesday, September 2, 2012         April May Creighton

          Larry Wachdorf (85 years old)

Thursday, September 3, 2012            James Anthony Salvador Black

Friday, September 4, 2012                 nada (No one)

Saturday, September 5, 2012             Ditto

Sunday, September 6                        Steve Creighton III

Monday, September 7                        Marybeth Wachdorf

Tuesday, September 8                      Katherine Elizabeth Wachdorf

                             (Dan and Haley (Rice) Wachdorf's daughter, and the fourth

                                     Katherine Elizabeth in the family


Monday, September 6


MRA, not MRI

Dr. Wilcox, my GP, had his office call yesterday to say they had received the diagnostic report on my MRA, done by Good Shepherd Hospital last Friday.

The important part of the report is that my maximum ascending aorta diameter is 5.5 cm (a bit over 2 inches) which is still pretty big, but not getting any bigger and not in the critical range. This gets me off the hook for another year, but the cardiologist is going to keep checking until I finally pass on due to unrelated things.

I was a little surprised to find that I had been subjected to an MRA, not an MRI. I had to look up what this meant:

The difference between an MRI and an MRA is that an MRA is used specifically to examine blood vessels. An MRI is performed to examine other parts of the body including the abdomen, chest, pelvis and internal organs.

So, I guess it is OK that I was given the former, and not the latter.


Tuesday, September 7


Wednesday, September 8

MRA Pictures

I went over to Good Shepherd Hospital this morning and picked up another copy of the diagnostic report on the MRA scan of my chest, along with the CD with all of the pictures of my insides from the waist up, which were not sent to Dr. Wilcox, who ordered the test and gave me the disgnotic report yesterday. Doctors do not like to look at the original data, for some reason, and prefer to just look at the diagnosticians report of their findings. I like to see the data, even though I am not good at interpreting some of it.

Good Shepherd is very efficient, and bangs these things our in a matter of seconds.

Golf Clubs Retrieved

WE golfed with the Lengemanns with a 12:20 Tee off time at Bartlett Hills Golf Course. Because we thought gofing with the UOP group might be off for the rest of this season, and Dottie and I would play at Biltmore, we left ouf clubs at the caddie shack. Quite unusual for us.


Gofing with the UOP group did turn out to be over for the season, but the Lengemanns are hearty souls and willing to play in most any kind of weather, so we arranged to play with them today. However, they preferred to do so at Bartlett Hills, which is about half way between our house in Barrington and theirs in Aurora. So, I had to retrieve our golf clubs this morning. I forgot two things when we left them there on Friday. First was that Monday was the Labor Day holiday,  so the club was closed on Tuesday, in stead of Monday as it usually is. Secondly, the golf course is closed for aeration of the greens several days each week now, and Wednesday seems to be one of them.



I called the Biltmore pro shop at 8:00 AM this morning and got no answer. I Dialed "O" and got no answer.I  Figured they might be closed. I was afraid we would have to play with rented clubs, which is no big deal for me, but a game changer for Dottie.


But, I Went over at 9:30 to check, and apparently there is no golf, but the caddy shack was open, and Lupe got my clubs and Dottie's without delay. Whew!

Septic Tank Pump Alarm Wires Found?


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 I will try to fill in the blanks when I have time and inclination.


Thursday, September 9

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I will try to fill in the blanks when I have time and inclination.

Friday, September 10


Newsletter back in business

Yesterday, I contacted Webmasters, the web hosting organization which did the newsletters back when I was doing newsletters, and told them the problems in Ferguson, MO had calmed down to the point that it was, according to Pat Jackson, no longer life threatening on a day to day basis.

So, It is Ok with the Jackson's if the newsletter goes back into business.

On the other hand, I really enjoyed not having the responsibility of having to report weekly, usually on Saturday mornings when I would rather be playing golf, on the state of the whole extended family.

So, I am going to compromise and mainly include stuff about what is happening here in Florida, when I have time to put it in without it interfering with my pressing leisure activities, and leave it to the rest of you to inform each other about things you want them to know. I may include important stuff, if I have the time, but don't count on it.



Saturday, February 11

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