Sunday, August 26, 2012

Birthdays and the like

This week's birthdays and such are listed here. It occurred to me that next week's might be more informative, so there is a separate tabulation of them at the end of this newsletter.

 Sunday, August 26, Dr. Katie (Jackson) Finck birthday

Monday, August 27, Veronica Rose Nestojko, birthday

Tuesday, August 38, Sandy (Wachdorf) and Jack Nemeth, anniversary

Wednesday, August 29, Kary Brown,  Birthday

Thursday, August 30, Dan and Nicole Nestojko, anniversary

Marge and Barbara News

Barbara Brown called this evening from Margie's house. She was in for a short visit and heading back this evening. She brought me up to date on several things which have occurred in her family and Marge's.Marge Burrell with a wig

First of all, Marge has completed the last of her four chemotherapy treatments to avoid recurrence of cancer. These are pretty difficult experiences, and amongst other things, they Barbara and Margecause ladies to lose their hair. Marge has a new wig, and Barbara promised to have her son, Kurt, send me photos with and without. I hadn't mentioned Marge's treatments, because I have trouble telling when people would be offended by my saying things about their medical conditions, so Marge sans hairpieceI tend to err on the side of reticence. But, I have full license to publish Marge's photos.

It looks like she has opted to take advantage of the situation, and be a blond for a while.

Barbara has also had some continuing medical problems. She has been taking injections for her MS, but had to stop taking them because her liver was acting up. She is hopeful that she can resume her medications in the near future.

Susan and family visit

Susan and Dan and Jimmy and Cali came for a visit just before lunch time today, so they very nicely stopped and picked up lunch for all of us at TGI Friday's near our house. We had a nice lunch, and an extended visit. Janet came by to join the party.

The visit involved getting to sample some original baking, done by Janet and Jimmy and Cali, using the kitchen floor as their countertop. They made chocolate chip muffin-shaped cookies, in six different varieties, each of which contained a secret (and somewhat unlikely) ingredient. These ranged from Kahlua (the alcohol comes out during the cooking process) to cinnamon to basil (Cali said everything is better with basil), and I can't remember what else. The kids had a ball, and I had an excuse for eating some illicit carbohydrates. They all tasted good to me.

In addition to the cookies, we sampled one of the wines Dottie and I brought back from our recent trip to Sonoma valley. The Valley of the Moon Cabernet, 2009.

We also discussed Susan's and Dan's planned trip to Costa Rica this coming March. Dottie and I plan to go along, as neither of us has ever been to Costa Rica, or anywhere in Central America for that matter. Susan promised to send their airplane reservation info by E-mail tomorrow. Dottie and I will be leaving from Fort Myers rather than Chicago, but we should plan to arrive in San Jose around the same time if we can.

Jimmy's birthday party

Jimmy Black is having a birthday next Monday, and Susan is planning a party to celebrate it. This time, she promises that it will not have an Angry Birds theme, and we will not be required to shoot each other with slingshots.

Her party is planned for Monday, the day on which Labor Day is celebrated , which is September 2 this year. Dan says we celebrate Labor day in September because the communists had preempted May 1, which is when just about all other countries celebrate. Susan recalls fondly the May Day celebrations we had in Bloomer, Wisconsin, when she was a six year old, who got to wear a pretty, new dress, dance around the May pole, and got a tiny little cup full of candy.

I hope Jimmy's Labor Day birthday party is so memorable.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bill and Kathy family news

Kathy wrote a very newsy E-mail which I got this morning. Here are some of the items

Katie moved out of the dorm in May, Bill had his birthday, 4th of July came and went as did Andy's birthday...and he is still in Colorado with Mo. They love it out there and Colorado has something Illinois did not offer up...JOBS. Andy is now the Lead Action Photographer for his company, Sharp Shooters, and he has been showing both photos and blown glass in an art gallery near Winter Park, and Mo is a Manager at the resort. 

 Katie had to take a small apartment a few blocks from school, as they do not allow seniors who are graduating early to live in the senior apartments. Apparently, you have to be there for the entire year. Since she will graduate early, this is not possible.

Right now she is scheduled to graduate Feb 9, 2013 (she's on track to graduate with many honors, although I don't want to say so as not to jinx anything!).  The only thing that was interfering with the start of school is her surgery...she had to have hip surgery on August 6 (she wanted to wait until after her 21st birthday which was August 1 so as not to wreck her fun day!). It is a pretty big deal, hoping to restore full use of that hip after a significant injury. She will be 6 weeks NO load bearing (she's on crutches for the 6 weeks) with about 8-12 months to full recovery. How she will cope with school (getting back and forth to class) is another thing - school starts today....She could have had it done in July, but did NOT want to ring in her 21st birthday on crutches! (I kind of understand this...and so did her young, handsome doctor....he said, "Yeah, I wouldn't want to celebrate my 21st birthday on crutches! How would you do the 'pubcrawl'?" (paraphrased) 

Katie also adopted a new baby kitty from H.E.L.P. and organization that fosters abandoned or needy animals.

Cathy also sent some photos, which can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Kate Hardison

Kathy added, parentetically, a note on Kate Hardison's part in a school program at Elmhurst College, where she is completing her pre-law degree.

In May, Katie helped "host" the very interesting Pulitzer prize winning author Bob Woodward, along with Justice Rathje and US Court of Appeals Judge William Bauer.  Katie gave the closing remarks and presented gifts to all involved. It was a very interesting evening. There is a video of the discussion - it was conducted more as questions and answers in a living room-type speeches...and was amazing. Katie is at the end. She also was selected to do closing remarks for Senator Kirk just prior to his stroke. The link is:

 Elmhurst College: The Pursuit of Truth and Justice

Susan and Dan's Costa Rica trip

Susan sent her airplane reservation for the trip she and Dan are planning to take next spring. Sounds like a nice trip, and Dottie and I said we would plan to meet them there.

Wed.,March 20,2013           Chicago ---> Houston

Wed.,March 20, 2013         Houston ---> San Jose, Coata Rica

With great difficulty, I was able to get on line and get Dottie and me tickets to match, for the second half of the trip each way, from Houston to San Jose. We get to sleep an hour later than they do, although, it is only an hour later by the clock. When their departure time of 5:35 AM comes, our departure time of 6:30 AM from Fort Myers is really the same time as theirs, almost. We only get to sleep five minutes more than they do.

414MP in Cherokee, Georgia

Steve Feldman, the Airplanes/USA broker, called me to say that he and Skip Barchfeld had a nice flight down to Georgia to deliver the airplane to the prospective buyer. They came back via commercial airlines last night.

Steve says the airplane was delivered to a shop which specializes in rebuilding older 414s, and makes practically new airplanes out of them. It will get a brand new interior, the panel will be replaced, and the engines will be upgraded by RAM. He says that in six months, it will be unrecognizable as my old airplane, and will be worth a lot more money.

I still wouldn't be able to fly it without a baby sitter, though.

No damage by Isaac

We are happy to report that hurricane Isaac was relatively feeble as hurricanes go, and went past our houses in Cape Coral without doing any damage that we are aware of.

It rained a lot, but the winds were fairly docile, and didn't hurt anything. The people who look after the boat in my absence said there was no damage to anyone's boat in the area. Probably less than would be the case in a normal weekend when people would be out driving their boats and running into each other.

We have a couple of screen panels around our lanai damaged, but I think this is left over from the last storm. They were supposed to have been fixed, but I haven't gotten a bill for the work.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kary Brown's Birthday Birdie

Kary Brown's Birthday BirdieI was out playing Winnetka Golf Club to celebrate my 40th birthday. This was my approach shot in the par 4 12th. I hit a PW from 140 yards. That is my ball mark past the hole. Spun it back to about 6" for a tap in birdie.

414MP not sold Yet

The potential buyer for 414MP apparently found all sorts of faults with the airplane, and is exercising his option not to buy it. Apparently, he feels that there are some major problems with it, even though it was just out of the annual overhaul process before it was flown down there.

The price he would have bought it for if he had bought it was much lower than the original asking price, and I am not inclined to do any negotiating with him. So, it will probably come back to Chicago (at the would-be buyer's expense) and we will see if it needs to be reevaluated in light of this recent inspection.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Republican Convention

Dottie and I watched the Republican Convention on the TV. It is a little like reading a book where you know how the story  is going to come out in the end, but there were some interesting things along the way.

Governor Christie gave a good talk, and I would vote for him.

Ann Romney also gave a good talk, and I would vote for her too. She is a devoted wife, but when it came to avowing that Mitt, when he was trying to get his business off the ground, came home from work in the evening and put the office out of his mind and devoted himself 100% to his family seems like she might be stretching the truth. I can't believer anyone is that virtuous.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Annual physicals

Dottie and I both went in a month early for our annual physical exams. Nothing serious wrong with the health of either of us. but the end of September and October are going to be busy months for us, and I had a bump on my nose that needed looking at, Dottie had a long-standing colon problem that she thought ought to get looked at.

So, we got checked out and I have an appointment on September 13 to get my nose checked by a plastic surgeon, and Dottie has an appointment to with a gastro-intestinal surgeon on September 20. Otherwise we are both in fine shape.

On September 22, we leave for Charlotte, NC, and the Great Dismal Alligator Swamp, so I don't think anything will be done to us prior to the trip.


More convention

The Republicans did a better job with the convention than I was expecting, in that they made a pretty good case that Romney is really a good guy, after all. I had already decided to vote for him, if for no other reason that to cast an effective vote against Obama (and voting Libertarian wouldn't be as effective) but now I think I might have to become a Mormon.

Friday, August 31, 2012

414MP Really sold

The airplane is really sold, and while I did not feel inclined to do any more price negotiation, I did some additional price negotiation, and got the deal done.

I now understand better why my father used to come home from the used car dealer with a "new" used Buick, feeling like he had really bested the dealer in the negotiation. What I did was to get the dealer to go up a little from the price he offered, letting me feel like I had scored a small victory, while accepting a price much lower than what I had expected to get 18 months ago, when the plane was offered for sale.

I never felt like my father was able to outsmart a used car salesman in a transaction involving buying a used car. He only did this about once every three years. The salesmen did it every day.

I know the deal is done, because the money was already wired to my bank! So, I am happy to be done with the airplane selling business, hopefully forever, and gratified by the extra pittance I was able to bargain for at the end.

Jackson Family News

Pat sent a long news E-mail today. Here are some excerpts.

Tom is preparing for his annual Boundary Waters trip, and work is kind of interfering.... This morning we were awakened by a phone call that there'd been a double homicide, and the bodies of 2 women were found in an apartment. Tom had to jump out of bed, shower and dress while I made coffee, and then go to live television interviews.

...We were going to go to the Boston/Kansas concert tonight at Verizon Amphitheatre, but that's an outdoor venue, and Hurricane Isaac appears to have other plans for our area. We're due for a torrential downpour.

...Katie and Duffy are supposed to come in for his family's annual Labor Day Weekend Pool Party... Haven't heard much from Josh since he went back to Truman. He might be in this weekend as well.

Pat was just as busy as ever, but I left out a lot of stuff.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Next Week's Birthdays

Sunday, September 2, 2012      April May Creighton

Larry Wachdorf (85 years old)Jimmy Black

Monday, September 3, 2012     James Anthony Salvador Black

                                                  into Japanese

                                                  things at present

Tuesday, September 4, 2012     nada (No one)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012 Ditto

Thursday, September 6               Steve Creighton III

Friday, September 7                    Marybeth Wachdorf

Saturday, September 8                Katherine Katherine Elizabeth WachdorfElizabeth Wachdorf

        (Dan and Haley (Rice) Wachdorf's daughter, and the fourth

         Katherine Elizabeth in the family